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James E. Taylor

Curriculum Vitae

James Taylor has been a licensed architect for over 50 years.  He began his career as a staff architect with the Third Army Services.  During that time he was responsible for the twenty Military Recreational facilities on eight Army Posts throughout the southeast areas of the United States.  Upon his discharge he was employed by the firm Kivett, Myers and McCallum Architects and Engineers, which is presently HNTB.  He served this firm as project architect.  In 1960, James joined the architectural firm of Edward W. Tanner and Associates.  This was a period of growth for James and this firm along side Edward Tanner, a recognized modernist architect, they begun to display their designs throughout Kansas City.  James begun a long-term partnership with J.C. Nichols that helped shape the aesthetics of Kansas City.  He was involved in projects including the Country Club Plaza, houses for development in the Country Club District as well as Johnson County, shopping centers in the Kansas City area, apartment complexes, office buildings and industrial facilities.  He was also the Project Architect and Construction Administrator for the Shawnee Mission School District with various educational facilities and universities. 

In 1967, James took the next step forward leaving Tanner and Associates to launch his own firm James E Taylor and Associates, Inc. which provided Architectural, Construction and Project Management services. 

For almost 60 years, James has been able to take his experience and assist in legal expert witness cases as well as architectural and construction forensics.  His wealth of knowledge, relationships and repeat clients have led him to be a valuable tool for any legal team.  He has a wide array of technical and practical experience where he can assist in cases including, expert testimony and litigation support for wrongful death, personal injury, professional negligence, construction defects and building codes.

James has also served as a Member and Chairman for the Board of Zoning Adjustment for the City of Kansas City, Missouri.  He also served the City of Leawood, Kansas on the Public Works Board, Parks and Recreational Committee and Planning Commission.  For 9 years he was appointed Leawood, City Councilman for the 4th Ward. 

Education:  B.S. Degree in Architecture, University of Kansas 1957

Registrations:  Kansas #963, Missouri #A-1791, NCARB Certified #6615

All States and Territories



The process we developed solves problems, respects details and focuses on facts.


During the initial discovery, my job is to uncover the truths behind design decisions and construction defects.

During my research, our team examines the details and validates our recommendations.

My final recommendation will deliver the details of the issues and resulting damages to ensure integrity.




We believe successful design solutions are the result of a comprehensive program that addresses conflicting elements of aesthetics, cost, durability and environmental responsibility.  

We offer a complete scope of architectural services, including Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Specifications, Construction Contract Administration and Onsite Owner Representation.


We work on behalf of our clients and property owners, acting as their eyes and ears during the construction phase.  Services offered:

Site Evaluations / Building Programming and Budget Analysis / Value Engineering / Financial Controls / Multiple Contract Solicitation / on-Site Supervision / Construction Administration / Securing Building Permits and Approvals / Progress Reposting and Scheduling / Securing All Warranties, Closeout, Securing Certificates of Occupancy


Over the past 40 plus years, James E. Taylor has been fortunate to having provided Counseling Services as an Expert to the Legal professional.  He has acted in behalf both in the recent and past for the Plaintiff and Defendant legal matters.

    What spotlights him from other professional architects is his vast experience in Land and Urban Planning and Real Estate Development Services involving Land Parcel Special Use for designs of sidewalks, driveway, public and private streets, area lighting, landscaping and pedestrian pathways, stairs and ramps, building entrances, surface and enclosed parking structures.
    Of course his past professional experience providing architectural design services for the public and private sector for low and high rise buildings, commercial office or residential structures, commercial retail or strip centers, schools and religious structures, underground facilities and above ground warehouse and distribution centers, medical and professional offices, restaurants, parking structures, hotels, skill care nursing and senior independent living facilities, all have provided him with extensive knowledge in this industry.  These disciplines required him to become knowledgeable with the Building Codes, Regulations for ADA, AHSI, NFPA, Life Safety, OSHA as well as other local and state regulations and statues.
    Mr. Taylor has also provided, during this same period, full General Construction services which enables him to analysis building costs and value, scheduling construction tasks, material and labor, material Life Cycle, performance bonding, OSHA and Building Codes requirements during constructions activities, expected management skills and experience, all necessary to successfully complete the construction scope of the work for any construction project.
    Additionally with his professional skills qualified him to the Legal Community as a Consultant in Litigation matters for Slip & Falls, Wrongful Deaths, Construction Cost overruns, Fraudulent Payments and Charges, Unaccepted or Deficient Materials and Installation, Excavation failure, natural gas explosions, Commercial golf cart safety, Construction "Mean and Methods", Pedestrian Bridge designs, Stair and Ramps ADA design construction, Scaffolding safety, Installation of Roofing products and Bonding, plus several other relative legal categories that he has been retained as an Expert Witness Consultant.









Elderly Housing/Nursing Homes









Albright Parking – KOENIGSDORF & KOENIGSDORF   (Defendant) Historic dispute / Macy's store
Arnold Residence – FARRIS LAW FIRM   (Defendant) Construction costs
ASA Construction Company – MYERSON & MORROW   (Plaintiff) Construction wrongful death
Basile Residence – CHAPMAN WATERS & BAXTER   (Plaintiff) Construction cost
Benanti vs. Scott – FOLAND WICKINS/ARMSTRONG & TEASDALE   (Plaintiff) Construction cost
Clear vs. Johnson County, Missouri -- FRANKE SHULTZ AND MULLEN   (Defendant) Slip & fall
Cottages – Belton/East – PARAMOUNT FINANCIAL GROUP/SHOOK HARDY & BACON   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Dickinson Theaters – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Slip & fall
Easton School District – CHAPMAN WATERS & BAXTER   (Plaintiff) Construction costs and defencies
Farnsworth Residence – ROBERT D. SCHOLLMEYER, Attorney at Law   (Plaintiff) Construction Costs
Finkel vs. Highwoods  – STEPHEN SMALL   (Plaintiff) Slip & fall
1st Community Bank – FOLAND, WICKENS  (Defendant) Construction costs overrun
General Standard Distribution – MCDOWELL RICE & SMITH/KING HERSHEY   (Plaintiff) Construction failure and repair cost
George Turpin vs. The Learning Exchange – LAW OFFICES OF DANIEL P. HANSON  (Defendant) Slip & Fall ADA
Giles v. Union Wire Rope – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Wrongful death
Granada Royale Hometel – HILEX BREWER   (Defendant) Construction costs
Gunkel vs. Mid-Continent – TILMAN POOL, JR.   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Harrison  s. Shirdi Enterprises -- FRANKE SHULTZ AND MULLEN   (Defendant) Slip & fall
Hennessey Sheet Metal – WALLACE SANDERS   (Defendant) Construction
Hermann’s Excavating vs. Shawnee Heights USD 450 – SCOTT, QUINLAN, WILLARD, BARNES & KEESHAN  (Defendant)
     Wrongful death
Hisch Residence – FOLAND, WICKENS - (Plaintiff) Costs construction overrun
K.C. Hopps, LTD – JEFF BAY   (Plaintiff)
Kanning Residence – BEDNAR & MOCK   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Kansas City Life – FIELD, GENTRY & BENJAMIN  (Plaintiff) Historic dispute
Konoke vs. Sprint – PANE & JONES (Plaintiff) Slip & fall
Lee Residence – LONG, LUDER & GORDON, MIKE HUGHES ATTY   (Plaintiff) Construction cost overrun & fraud
Lola vs. Wendy’s – CUMMINGS & CUMMINGS  (Plaintiff) Slip & fall
Meisner vs. Shawnee Mission Primary Care – ESCHMANN & PRINGLE, P.A.   (Plaintiff) Slip & fall
Midwest Precision Heating & Cooling – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Construction deficiencies
Miller vs. Keleher – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Wrongful death
Morris vs. Three Fountains - HOLTSCLAW-KENDALL   (Plaintiff) Skip & fall
Munson vs. Junction City – HENRY, STRUEBING & TROUP   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Noyes vs. Iseman/Chapion – SCHROEDER   (Defendant) Construction costs
Oliver Residence – BERTHOLF   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Parks vs. MCC – BATY HOLM & NUMRICH PC - BOB NUMRICH ATTY   (Defendant) Construction deficiencies & costs
Pierce vs. Benge - FRANKE SHULTZ AND MULLEN   (Defendant)  Slip & Fall
Pringle vs. Eudora Township – ESCHMANN & PRINGLE, P.A.   (Plaintiff) Design deficiencies
Private Residence – FISHER, PATTERSON, SAWLER & SMITH   (Plaintiff) Construction costs & deficiencies
Private Residence – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Construction costs & deficiencies
Remco – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Wrongful death
Roberts Residence – KING HERSHEY   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Shipman vs. Kesar – FRANKE  SCHULTZ & MULLEN   (Defendant) Slip & fall
Silva vs. Mid-America Pipeline – ANDERSON   (Plaintiff) Wrongful death
Snitko Residence - LONG LUDER & GORDON, BURKE ROBINSON ATTY   (Plaintiff) Construction costs & deficiencies
Western Resources – IN HOUSE COUNSEL   (Defendant) (Plaintiff)
    Kansas Gas Service
        Gas Gathering System Accounting
        Gas Transportation Pipeline Explosion
        Gas Supply to Residential – freeze-up




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