Elderly Housing/Nursing Homes









Albright Parking – KOENIGSDORF & KOENIGSDORF   (Defendant) Historic dispute / Macy's store
Arnold Residence – FARRIS LAW FIRM   (Defendant) Construction costs
ASA Construction Company – MYERSON & MORROW   (Plaintiff) Construction wrongful death
Basile Residence – CHAPMAN WATERS & BAXTER   (Plaintiff) Construction cost
Benanti vs. Scott – FOLAND WICKINS/ARMSTRONG & TEASDALE   (Plaintiff) Construction cost
Clear vs. Johnson County, Missouri -- FRANKE SHULTZ AND MULLEN   (Defendant) Slip & fall
Cottages – Belton/East – PARAMOUNT FINANCIAL GROUP/SHOOK HARDY & BACON   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Dickinson Theaters – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Slip & fall
Easton School District – CHAPMAN WATERS & BAXTER   (Plaintiff) Construction costs and defencies
Farnsworth Residence – ROBERT D. SCHOLLMEYER, Attorney at Law   (Plaintiff) Construction Costs
Finkel vs. Highwoods  – STEPHEN SMALL   (Plaintiff) Slip & fall
1st Community Bank – FOLAND, WICKENS  (Defendant) Construction costs overrun
General Standard Distribution – MCDOWELL RICE & SMITH/KING HERSHEY   (Plaintiff) Construction failure and repair cost
George Turpin vs. The Learning Exchange – LAW OFFICES OF DANIEL P. HANSON  (Defendant) Slip & Fall ADA
Giles v. Union Wire Rope – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Wrongful death
Granada Royale Hometel – HILEX BREWER   (Defendant) Construction costs
Gunkel vs. Mid-Continent – TILMAN POOL, JR.   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Harrison  s. Shirdi Enterprises -- FRANKE SHULTZ AND MULLEN   (Defendant) Slip & fall
Hennessey Sheet Metal – WALLACE SANDERS   (Defendant) Construction
Hermann’s Excavating vs. Shawnee Heights USD 450 – SCOTT, QUINLAN, WILLARD, BARNES & KEESHAN  (Defendant)
     Wrongful death
Hisch Residence – FOLAND, WICKENS - (Plaintiff) Costs construction overrun
K.C. Hopps, LTD – JEFF BAY   (Plaintiff)
Kanning Residence – BEDNAR & MOCK   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Kansas City Life – FIELD, GENTRY & BENJAMIN  (Plaintiff) Historic dispute
Konoke vs. Sprint – PANE & JONES (Plaintiff) Slip & fall
Lee Residence – LONG, LUDER & GORDON, MIKE HUGHES ATTY   (Plaintiff) Construction cost overrun & fraud
Lola vs. Wendy’s – CUMMINGS & CUMMINGS  (Plaintiff) Slip & fall
Meisner vs. Shawnee Mission Primary Care – ESCHMANN & PRINGLE, P.A.   (Plaintiff) Slip & fall
Midwest Precision Heating & Cooling – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Construction deficiencies
Miller vs. Keleher – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Wrongful death
Morris vs. Three Fountains - HOLTSCLAW-KENDALL   (Plaintiff) Skip & fall
Munson vs. Junction City – HENRY, STRUEBING & TROUP   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Noyes vs. Iseman/Chapion – SCHROEDER   (Defendant) Construction costs
Oliver Residence – BERTHOLF   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Parks vs. MCC – BATY HOLM & NUMRICH PC - BOB NUMRICH ATTY   (Defendant) Construction deficiencies & costs
Pierce vs. Benge - FRANKE SHULTZ AND MULLEN   (Defendant)  Slip & Fall
Pringle vs. Eudora Township – ESCHMANN & PRINGLE, P.A.   (Plaintiff) Design deficiencies
Private Residence – FISHER, PATTERSON, SAWLER & SMITH   (Plaintiff) Construction costs & deficiencies
Private Residence – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Construction costs & deficiencies
Remco – MYERSON & MORROW   (Defendant) Wrongful death
Roberts Residence – KING HERSHEY   (Plaintiff) Construction costs
Shipman vs. Kesar – FRANKE  SCHULTZ & MULLEN   (Defendant) Slip & fall
Silva vs. Mid-America Pipeline – ANDERSON   (Plaintiff) Wrongful death
Snitko Residence - LONG LUDER & GORDON, BURKE ROBINSON ATTY   (Plaintiff) Construction costs & deficiencies
Western Resources – IN HOUSE COUNSEL   (Defendant) (Plaintiff)
    Kansas Gas Service
        Gas Gathering System Accounting
        Gas Transportation Pipeline Explosion
        Gas Supply to Residential – freeze-up